The Japanese Journal of Impotence Research

Instructions for Authors

Manuscripts shall be articles, editorials, clinical reports, literature reviews, academic reports, or other works that are, in principle, original and yet-to-be-published.

Manuscripts shall comply with the code of ethics specified by the Japanese Society for Sexual Medicine (JSSM).

Acceptance or rejection of manuscripts, the order of articles to be published in the Journal, and other editorial matters are decided at editorial meetings.

Authors may receive advice on the content of their manuscript from the editorial meeting members.

For the manuscript form, please contact the JSSM.

Manuscripts shall be sent to the address provided below.

Copyrights of manuscripts are transferred to the JSSM after the Society accepts the manuscripts. Although the authors’ rights to use their articles are not restricted after the copyrights are transferred, they must inform the JSSM of their use when they reuse such articles.

The Copyright Transfer Agreement Form shall be completed with the names of all authors and be attached to the manuscript when submitted.


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